Why Blue Maya

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As the commercial real estate is highly sophisticated investments that were historically the exclusive territory for savvy institutional investors who had a great wealth and expertise in various and wide areas from investment, financial, economic, market and approaches and strategies. Commercial real estate investment offer benefits that other investment would not be offered by other investments

Why Blue Maya Syndication

You spoke we listened. Our syndication program uniquely addressed and solved those challenges the investors encountered in other syndication programs. Solving those challenges positioned our syndication to be the most favorable syndication for the investor in today’s market.

27 Reasons distinguish us and position our syndication head and shoulders above the rest if any.

Our Differentiators

You Spoke
We Listened

You Spoke

We Listened

Blue Maya LLC management heard those investors concerns they are facing with other investment groups.  Blue Maya addressed those investors concerns in the Blue Maya strategic approach and provided the solutions for those concerns.

27 reasons why Blue Maya LLC.

Whether you are sophisticated investment group, organization that hold endowment funds, business seeking  monthly cash flow, investor who is looking for hand free investment. Blue Maya LLC invite  qualified investors to join our investors on board.

A UNIQUE COMBINATION OF Twenty Seven Key Differentiators THAT can benefit investors, that provide solutions for investors concerns and challenge that met with other investment groups.


No Fees


Short Term


Preferred Return


Investor get paid first.


Managment paid on performance ONLY!


Various Funding Options:
Cash, 401k, options, Stocks, Endowment fund, etc.


No fund holding period.


First hands on better deals.


Hands Free.


Debt Free.


Specific Property.


Limited Liability.


You get what you see.

#14, 13, 12, & 11

In place cash flow, stable cash flow, immediate & monthly distributions.


Tax benefits.


Greater buying power.


Under the radar & off market opportunities.


Skin in the game.




Exit options.


Industry expert.


CCREC simulations.


Opportuinty watch dog.
Proactive Asset Management Style

Please allow us to share with you the number one reason.

Please allow us to share with you number one reason

email Synd@corpcrec.com 


At Blue Maya LLC. our mission is to protect and grow investors capital through commercial real estate investment. Using our experience, resources, and network. We take a proven approach to acquiring investment properties that will deliver results. Taking a hands on approach to the due diligence process. We utilize our expertise to negotiate and secure the best possible deal for our investors.